Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MatLab - an engineering software

We are suffering without this software. It costs around thousands and of course I'm not gonna paying such money to buy this software. Finally we found the fake one at Summit USJ. It's totally same as the original one found only at our university,plus the dvd include the personal license both or standalone and networking computer.  So, what's point of buying the original one? 


SyaZwan said...

weh ko pki macbook ke skang???

Hariz Zulkarnain said...,macbook theme..haha

SyaZwan said...

amik mano wehh?? nk gk

acapviv said...

ah, segan la tgk ini software..
tp makin lama, makin jatuh hati padanya..
x gitu enchik hariz? ;)

Hariz Zulkarnain said...

to syazwan -- search kt google. vistaosx sure jumpa.
then dwnload lah.dpt pakej lengkap.hehe.

to acap--betol.betol.betol

SyaZwan said...

hehe xpe2...ak dh jmp dh, thnks

Hariz Zulkarnain said...

use it on ur own risk..hehe