Saturday, March 14, 2009

First project : Light guided robot

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It's the second week of my semester. All the units become harder and harder and of course more works and revisions are to be made. Since last week, I'm actually interested in doing today's project which we are asked to do a mini robot that is light-guided. There are two light detectors, one located at the left and the other one at right separated with a cardboard. It's little enjoying when I am given opportunities to do all stuff myself for my own robot - that's what engineer should do. Finishing today's task made me quite interested in doing Electrical and computer systems (haah?) should pursue my commitment to Mechanical Engineering, shouldn't change my mind easily like a girl change their clothes. Quite tiring when soldering the circuit while mantaining the cleanliness of the board. At the end of the day, I submit my 'tortoise-like robot' and the tutor gave me 29.5/30. What the hell, it's so disgusting. Then he called me back and fortunately, full mark was mine. Yeuwuhhuu...


acapviv said...

blog kamu semakin style~
i like it..

Hariz Zulkarnain said...

terima kasih kerana setia.

fakhrur said...

best2 tgk korg bwat sumer ni!
but then,apsal sumer robot nmpk cam samer je?

Hariz Zulkarnain said...

cuz diberi bahan same and design juga samaa je