Friday, August 28, 2009

Wall Climbing

A very addictive wall climbing joined by me at Shah ALam Extreme Parknear the Shah Alam Stadium. Fasting month doesn't stop us from involving in the exteme activity like this and when the climbing session commences, we don't even think about eat, no hungry feeling at all~! All we know is watching other participant struggling hard to reach the top part of the wall and analysing how they reach it(tu pun if they sampai)..I can finish all the stages except the Green which is kind of intermediate level that requires not just standing on the small piece of the green thing on the wall but it requires jumping to get the other higher piece. I can't finish that, perhaps because I'm tired and It's at night(after buka puasa), my stomach get full of pizzas already.Well, wall climbing is damn enjoying and of course, I will participate again next tyme

The scenery there also damn good plus the good weather =)

[ this is the place ]

[ midin | uzey ]

[nik ali at the top ]

[it's me abseiling down ]

[ waiting for the turn ]

[ syukey stretching up ]

[ me,again ]

[ climbing the hard level during nightime ]

[ let's kung-fu ]

[ rawr! ]


::hazimah:: said...

kalau pusing kanan, jalan terus, belok kiri dekat junction first, u can see my former college. :)

Hariz Zulkarnain said...

oh really,,sounds like dekat jer.
suke derak shah alam =)

SheQeEN.. said...

eh eh eh.. saya selalu pegi lepak situ.. makan burger king makan pizza.. sekarang suda tidak boleh lagi.. :'(

Hariz Zulkarnain said...

skrg pun saya dah suke lepak2 cini..syok,,bnyk tmpat makan n x sibuk sangat.ehe

Syazwan Yazid said...

boleh tahan gambar...
btw, bila naim gunung datuk tu...???

Hariz Zulkarnain said...

naik masa awal august...
best view kt atas tue...

Rinn Asri said...
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Rinn Asri said...

hey reeaaally love those pics :)
esp the ones with the captions "me, again" and "rawr!" u know. keep up!

Hariz Zulkarnain said...

evening shot usually vey nice u know
i have my 2nd time going there
but it's rainy
so da pics are rubbish~