Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Calling those who loves landscape shooting

A nice event by Perbadanan Putrajaya, free admission =)
Best for colourful landscape shooting,
potrait shooting also can-lah!

Perbadanan Putrajaya

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

By the Fall of Kanching

It was a nice weekend when I joined the trip to Sungai Kanching Waterfall,Rawang, Selangor organized by the Monash Wild Adventure Club. Waking up as early as 5am we get ourselves ready and gathered at the senior's house located at SS14, just nearby my house. After all the participants were there, we began our journey approximately at 7.30am(what the use of waking up early?haha), feeling like the journey there was really short,seroiusly (because i'm sleeping all the time,sorry). Arriving there at 9am, we pick our 'heavy' belongings and start climbing up the stairways up the hill. There's so many 'kera' right there waiting for foods to be stoled. They like to steal foods in the plastic bag,beware! Changed our attire and start to swim(not swim,berendam actually) in the ice-cold water sourced from the uphill. The water was crystal clear in the morning as there was not many people there but it turned darker in the afternoon. It was a very frightening when we saw people happily bathing using soaps,shampoo,toothpaste all the thing on the upside on the hill,damn. Luckily that time I finished already =)

Being hungry as the sun goes up, I seek for the food on the branch..hehe, good to have lots there, thanks to akak2 and abang2 for the delicious puding and nasi goreng.

We went back at 4pm after having dinner and solat Zuhur at Damansara Damai (if not mistaken). Next trip, mount climbing,yeah~