Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the tutors of us

every week of Monash schedule, we need to face our tutors in every tutorial or the lab session. they are there to help us doing the project, lab task or solving the difficult task of each particular subject.usually they are graduated students who loves to teach others while gaining some money. in the end of each semester we need to evaluate our tutor based on their guide and do they satisfy us but im lazy to fill up those forms that might not be read by anyone. but here is the best place to evaluate our tutor based on their performance. hopefullly they'll read this and like it =)

  • our Process System Analysis(PSA) tutor - i think her name is Eunice, we often meet her during the HYSYS class which is always be skipped by the girls, perhaps they are bored with the hysys which not at all relevant in the final exam of psa. I don't know why she's talking very fast explaining the hysys steps while we are the beginners try to match her and still blurred of what we are doing. aaarg,sometimes we need to stop her from talking like a machine gun switched to semi automatic. looking at the brightsidem now we can solve the hysys rapidly, perhaps because the way she taught us to do very fast. she is very cares in person doing plagiarism. some of people taking psa was involved.
  • poi mee - an engineering structures tutor, very good in helping us doing the question and guiding through all 3 projects commenced. she labelled me as pendiam. dunno why, i think i've been one of the busybody guy in the class but maybe the others got more attention, well it's good that she like giving tips of exam to us =)
  • eric pang is our electrical systems tutor. very bored during the 2 hours tutorial session which is held in the late evening and the question sucks. he looks relaxed as he know hew to do the questions and of course the solution is in his hand,..the best part is when he explained about the comparison of electrical engineering to the other field of engineering. and after explaining that, he think my friend will change the course as the electical engineering is very tough and provides low payment compared to civil engineering..
  • the best tutor, for me is mr darwin gouwanda which is very supportive and cares about those who doesn't atteend the tutorials and labs. i think he know most of us and he can guide us till the problem are solved. the MATLAB software is often called as MADLAB as it is very challenging and made us mad for it. solving the matlab assignments are damn hard and i got one non-sleep day doing the matlab codes. 
i wish to had pictures of the tutors to be here.suppose to be very nice as we can remember them all...haha. 


Nadhirah Zamrose said...

nice evaluation...:)

arinie said...

haha,psa~always being skipp by the girls..hahaha

Anonymous said...

skipping tutorial?? omg