Friday, April 24, 2009

Designing Bridge - final

Engineering Structures Project 1 - what a such tiring project. The final day is today and we need to do a presentation about the project. We are given situation that we are handling an engineering company that design the bridge for the customer.  Since the beginning of this week, we slept at 4 every day through the week. Very tired but quite satisfy with the report and the presentation. Ans it's quite interesting watching others' presentation =)

[ group logo ]

[ isometric view]

[ back view]

[ inside the bridge ]

[bottom view]


AkuAyie said...

waaa..bridge korang ni lawa...! =)

wonder how it went. Your presentation that is.

Hariz Zulkarnain said...

got video..
but no tyme to upload..lambat..

fakhrur said...

hehe...gna CAD ke?

Hariz Zulkarnain said...

google skethup. =)