Sunday, August 3, 2008

I want a camera....

Sony a300

Just I just visited Dila's blog and she's owning a Sony a300 DSLR.....pergh 10.2 megapixel tuu...dengki siot...and for me, still dreaming to get a Nikon D60(RM2688...bilalah agaknya) would be great with a wide angle lens...ohh..
It's nothing much to do with my point-and-shoot Nikon L16, like adjusting the aperture, shutter speed, focus control, white balance, ISO...ooh what the hell..
perhaps I just need to own a Sony also...cuz they're little bit cheaper than the nikon one =)

Nikon D60


zarf said...

u kidding me? d60 for rm2.6k? dude, my fren got it for just rm1.9k.

otherwise, i would still suggest u the d40. much cheaper. n u don't need the 10mpx. do not bother getting a 10mpx camera while u still can print a poster-sized photo with just 6mpx.

r'Man said...

i suggest u buy nikon. although, it expensive than sony..but quality nikon better than sony.. i agree wif zarf..get d40 first..for a beginning.. it will gud 4 u.

Dilamaya said...

hah...since when ade my name kat ur blog nih... uhu
anyhow... first my target was to get nikon d40/ d50.. but lastly i go with sony cuz my dad told me sth bout minolta (the best brand for lenses satu masa dulu) and, sony bought minolta akhirnya.. (history yg bunyi dia sth like dat lah.... xpaham pon what my dad said actually...haha) my dad kaki photogaphy jugak dulu2.

and i bought a300 dlm rm2.6k, ni pon time promotion, kalau x dlm rm3k.
one more thing dat i love about sony is, d camera itself build in wit super steady shot. kalau macm nikon, u have to buy lense yg ade vibration reduction (vr) for same function. and lenses kan sgt mahal, cam harga camera itself pulak.
and yeah, mpx isnt a big matter actually, unless u want to make a huge poster.
and im so haaaaapy wit my sony rite now! (^_^) hehee

ZULamat said...

bro.. pada pndapat aku laa..
kumpul duit n amik yg mahal tros.. cam skang nie de latest D90.. kalau mhl gak amik jer D60.. mmg la nikon x der built in super steady shot cam sony tp da besh product is nikon.. bykkn wat research.. sedangkn photographer karangkraf ( mag libur) pun pakai D80 (aku tau sbb nek gunung dgn dia).. body w/o lense yg 2nd pun ade.. bende tu leh trade in.. btol x?

pape pun cbe ler tgk website nie..
mcm2 ada kat sini.. pas dah tgk kat website nie ko leh ler survey harga kat lua lak.. pertama complex pun ok per..
pjg lak aku merepek.. hehehe..
pada hal aku pun budak baru belajar.. =)

yna said...

salam hariz..
just drop by..
i just saw it at fotokem alamanda last sold at RM1.2K~well,i'm not very sure,but~(it's..duty free dude).lots of cameras at fotokem are duty they are more cheaper..:)

hey..check dis out~
this is a friend of mine at flickr..he has great sense of photography(with only nikon D50)
put your soul in it n enj0y~