Saturday, March 28, 2009


It was pretty interesting when having someone's birthday. Just do anything you like. And here's nick turn =)

[ birthday boy ]

[ soldiers ]

Friday, March 20, 2009


Hanging out at Sunway Pyramid and we saw fishes everywhere.then ape lagi, take out our cameras and shhot! Here are some fish pictures.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MatLab - an engineering software

We are suffering without this software. It costs around thousands and of course I'm not gonna paying such money to buy this software. Finally we found the fake one at Summit USJ. It's totally same as the original one found only at our university,plus the dvd include the personal license both or standalone and networking computer.  So, what's point of buying the original one? 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Confession of a broken heart

It started when she buzz me via yahoo messenger. that moment I were busy doing my brain-killer assignments and of course I spent my time, replying to her messages. We end up exchanging phone numbers and the story begans. Almost every moment I need to hold my phone replying tons of sms-es and sometimes answering the calls to ensure that the condition was ok,feeling good,sihat,makan ke belum and the most important thing when I hurt somewhere, even a small cut would be a very big issue - that means care,perhaps.. well, that's the common sense of people having love. Few weeks having moments like that were really enjoying and pushed my adrenaline to study harder as she supports from behind (from the phone,actually). to make the story short, the happy moments was fading day by day, I dont know why that happen, the amount of sms sent decreased, not me but she reduce them, no calls and finally silent. calling her was useless, like calling the mailbox-the phone was off. For god sake I really need a reason why did this happen. the feelings like butterfly in my stomach is gone, and just now, I reallyound the answer. It's 3.00am in the morning, I just roaming around to my Myspace account and unexpectedly I saw her face in my friend list. I discovered the profiles,pictures..etc..and she got a new one. whaw, what so brilliant changing her mind like a girl changing their clothes. there's no point of reminiscing the past and better for me to step into the real life of mine, as a's Allah will to keep me and her apart, and I know this is the best.whaw, dunno why i'm so typist and emo tonite.not really lah, just wanna fulfill my early point o feeling sad or upset in this matter.unless you are the sensitive my friend do.haha. [end of story]

Saturday, March 14, 2009

First project : Light guided robot

Psst: it takes alittle time to load, but it's worthful to wait =)

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It's the second week of my semester. All the units become harder and harder and of course more works and revisions are to be made. Since last week, I'm actually interested in doing today's project which we are asked to do a mini robot that is light-guided. There are two light detectors, one located at the left and the other one at right separated with a cardboard. It's little enjoying when I am given opportunities to do all stuff myself for my own robot - that's what engineer should do. Finishing today's task made me quite interested in doing Electrical and computer systems (haah?) should pursue my commitment to Mechanical Engineering, shouldn't change my mind easily like a girl change their clothes. Quite tiring when soldering the circuit while mantaining the cleanliness of the board. At the end of the day, I submit my 'tortoise-like robot' and the tutor gave me 29.5/30. What the hell, it's so disgusting. Then he called me back and fortunately, full mark was mine. Yeuwuhhuu...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

At the heart of Malacca

Photos was taken during my first visit to Malacca. This A Famosa was located near Dataran Pahlawan whis was a gigantic shopping mall, located at the heart of Malacca. There's so many fascinating places in Malacca that I didn't reveal due to lack of time. Hopefully I can go there again with better quality of pictures and visiting more places like the mosque, Taming Sari Tower, Eye on Malaysia(now located at the outskirt of Malacca) and the naturally protected park there.

[ A Famosa ]

[ Memorial Building ]

[ Canon ]

[ Trishaw ]

[ Self ]